Thursday, 21 October 2010

Final pose- update 3

I chose this colour for my background on a new layer. 
I moved the layers around. this was the colour one,  I thought it looked quite interesting like this :)
Then with the outline layer. 
I erased a few more scribbly lines from this layer. 
 Then tried to make the colour layer into the only one needed but there were just too many gaps.
 So I put them back together and continued working into  them

Because of how transparent the layers were on the dar background I made a new layer, cut around the figure, filled it in white and placed it between the character and the background so it wouldn't be transparent. 
 Then turned the visibility of the background colour back on to see if it had worked.

 Here I started sketching a background in.
 erasing any unwanted lines as I went along.

I wanted to have an interesting light source. So I used a knocked down desk lamp. 

 Here I erased some sharp angles of the light flow to give that directional light impression.

Adding in some slight detail into the background. 

 then some gooey bits into the jars :)
 Afterward, bringing in some cloudiness to them and a shine on the glass.
 Shadows for the objects.

Shadows on the character. 

Here i'm playing with a projected shadow showing the distance of how close my hand is to the light also.

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