Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Commission : Idea 2: Concept sketches & Exploration

Figure 01

Figure 02

I have an idea in my head how this concept could look, Figure 01 and 02 are just trying to see how it would look outside of the cranium. They're simple sketches and don't quite look how I'm seeing them yet but thats all part of it. To establish the connection between my design and people knowing it's a representation of the human body made out of the materials surrounding us, I thought of a similarity to Giuseppe Archimboldo paintings where his portraits are brilliantly made of fruit or books for example but they are also a great likeness to the human figure. Figures 03, 04 & 05 are examples of his work;

Figure 03

Figure 04

Figure 05

The concept of the body being made of surrounding textures could be made clear; possibly from a closing shot in the animation but probably would be better as an opening scene of zooming into the body to get to the 'Cell Cycle' stage so it's not a confusion the whole way through the animation and people only understand that it's a human body afterward. At least if it's made clear from the beginning the concentration could be more on learning about the cell cycle and not on wondering where this is taking place.

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