Saturday, 21 April 2012

Animation: Final Animation: The Ebullient Toadstool

Here's how much paper was used to make this animation.


  1. Very simple BUT very clever. Well done :-)

    1. Well done Nat, you seem to have captured some very good angles in this as I would not have considered swinging the characters around like you did, simple but very effective. Shame about having to use a whole Tree!!
      Love it
      Dad xx

  2. Hey Nat,

    Had to watch your animation again, can't get enough of it just hoping I can post this my browser hates blogger comment boxes.

    Thanks for helping me climb from my tomb, problem I always have sadly. The only issue I have with using something that inspires me it's that usually Phil tells me I can't do it that way, etc. Games inspire me they always have and they never fail to touch me creatively...

    You want to know something I want to do? I'd love to do the unit like this: - tell it like a story.

    That video is something I have been aspiring to ever since I can remember. To tell a story in that way not with the spoken word but physically like an interactive story book. Ill post it on my blog but it will probably not satisfy this brief.

    Hey Ho, lol

  3. Pure awesomeness. :-D