Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Commission: Publication Branding Template

Clean, tidy, bright...
Opinion Phil?


  1. as I suggested in my email - this format is fine, but does it capture your art-style/direction/audience? Not yet probably, because it's early days, but it should - but that doesn't mean in an overly-ornate way, but rather so that it's got the sort of distinctiveness that would mean a person would know it was connnected with your work if the two things got separated by a freak accident involving a parachuting mushroom and Chris De Burgh...

    1. haha Thanks Phil - It doesn't capture my art style yet as I haven't finalised one but that can also be re-constructed into these slides afterward. So that parachuting mushroom and Chris De Burgh freak accident will not be able to separate the relation of my work :)