Monday, 30 April 2012

Commission : Cell Design : Colour Samples

Figure 01. Yellow

Figure 02. Red

Figure 03. Pink

Figure 04. Orange

Figure 05. Mint

Figure 06. Blue Pancakes

Figure 07. Mushy Peas

Figure 08. Purple

Figure 09. Cinnamon

Figure 10. Burnt Toast

Figure 11. Blackcurrant

Figure 12. Blackberries & Cream without the Blackberries


  1. blue pancakes - somehow the blue says 'health'!

    1. Ok :) What says unhealthy so I can make that the colour to kick with my boot? :)

  2. burnt toast is the most unhealthy...or a putrid puce or mingy yellow. The rest are all a bit too jolly to be bad!

  3. burnt toast - but maybe if you added some mustardy-green - so it was more of a, well, more of a 'baby poo khaki'? The issue with the burnt toast is that your world is quite brown already, so maybe you need to distinguish it further... I think we need to see a collection 'variations on a theme of baby-poo' on this blog sharpish! :)