Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Commission : Storyboard : Draft 01

This is a Storyboard draft for 'The Cell Cycle'. There are several alterations I could make, for example; if I put a voice over to this animation I could remove the information boxes that keep appearing in this version, that way it would be able to reach a wider audience due to not having to read. Also, if I wanted to expand this to 'Cell Cycle & Cancer' it could be done. This is probably enough to deal with though.
My interpretation of the brief is to create an animation to quench the thirst of more than just a scientific brain, that is why I like the idea to make a relatable textured world instead of the 'realistic body innards' which science videos tend to go for.


  1. Hey Nat - I'm just wondering about the person - do you even need those book ends? Personally - with this style - which I like - why not hand-draw a person, who walks into the white space, and then the camera goes in, and then we have your world of the cycle - all the things like the signs and the boot seem to scream a drawn, minimal approach - it feels really comfy together somehow. It's not that I'm trying to make you go back to your light box, but somekind of 2d/CG composite world would be really enticing; there's something really David Shrigley about your storyboards that I find somehow refreshing - a bit 'Purple Ronnie' too...

    I know your storyboards are pragmatic (i.e. the way they're drawn doesn't necessarily reflect your art style), but there's something going on with it that I already like... your thoughts?

    1. Sounds like fun :) I'm not at all sick of my light box- maybe the sign of an animator? :) I understand what you mean with purple ronnie- i used to stand in supermarkets as a kid an giggle to myself about the cartoonns :)
      The person - I'm all for lessening that- I just thought I'd need to explain why things were in that style

  2. nah - I don't think you need to explain; but if you assert your universe strongly enough, people will just go with you. It occurred to me too that you should look at the drawings of Heath Robinson in relationship to your world...