Thursday, 25 July 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Anaheim, CA : Diaries : Day 09

Day 09,  Thursday

 Today was another busy day, but great just like all the others.

I queued for my first Pixar's RenderMan Teapot, my Mike-Pot.

Figure 01. Teapot

Figure 02. Quick lunch before my shift

Figure 03. Mike-Pot!

Figure 04. Blue Sky Studios - Epic Talk

Figure 05. Blue Sky Studios - Epic Talk

Figure 06. Balloon Party hat BEFORE 

Figure 07. Balloon Party hat AFTER

Figure 08. Stands - 3D Printing

Figure 09. Stands - Scan your plasticine model then 3D Print it

Figure 10. Stands - Animatronics

Figure 11. Stands - 3D Prints of people after being scanned

Figure 12. Stands - Scanning an attendee which makes these little models in the foreground

Figure 13. Studio Teardown Time

Figure 14. Studio Teardown Time

Figure 15. Stands - Digital Painting on an Easel 

Figure 16. Studio Teardown - Looks so bare now

Figure 17. Studio Teardown Time - Working really hard

Figure 18. Studio Teardown Time - Super hard work

Figure 19. Studio Teardown Time - I was presented with a Studio T-Shirt and told I stood out amongst the other SVs as the hardest working. Quite an honour.

Figure 20. Studio Teardown Time - I was also given a reference for next year if I'm accepted to be an SV again, I should quote the guys name and they'll ask for me to work the fun stuff. 

After the studio was all packed away again we were send to the SV office for the closing ceremony and massive Raffle with donations from many many different companies. Things such as really good graphics cards, graphics tablets, Software packages and so so much more.

Figure 21. SV Checkout & Raffle
Patrick rocking his new hat.

Figure 22. SV Checkout & Raffle
Sitting in the front row

Figure 23. SV Checkout & Raffle
Sean Hannon saying his bit

After a hectic day and last SIGGRAPH day :( 
I decided it was time to celebrate with Steak! And was generously bought champagne :D 

Figure 24. Steak Time!

Figure 25. Steak Time! This was one of the best steaks I've ever eaten.... I had to have a moment to myself.

Figure 24. Steak Time!
.... and champagne, cocktails, and side dishes.... Mainly steak though

Great end to a great SV experience.


  1. Oh WOW!!!
    You really seem to have made the most of this fantastic experience. Go girl

    Mum xx

  2. Mmmmm that steak was mouth watering. We had to have Champagne to conclude the conference. But the next two days were the best. You guys are greatly missed. :-(