Saturday, 20 July 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Anaheim, CA : Diaries : Day 04

Day 04, Saturday

Figure 01. Breakfast

Figure 02. Pre-Conference Sketching on tables, Ashley on the left decided to draw all of us on the table and so we took a group picture, pretty fun really.

Figure 03. The new Cintiq's for CG Art & Animation... ;)

Figure 04. After all the computers for Intel were installed and the system set up the test run begins

Figure 05. Student Volunteer Orientation, this was great fun, while waiting for everyone to arrive we were thrown 3 Massive beach balls and music was pumped into the room. (JJ if you see this - Yes that's Phil standing up :P  )

Figure 06. Student Volunteer and Team Leader Group Shot. This photo shoot was arranged indoors, and the thought that daylight would be running out did not occur in the planning process, so it's almost impossible to distinguish who is who but it's a nice looking photo anyway.

Figure 07. Dinner... Pizza, and I persuaded a friend to try Calamari for the first time in his life.

Figure 08. Anaheim Convention Centre

Figure 09. Anaheim Convention Centre

Figure 10. Anaheim Convention Centre

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