Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nexus Diaries : Day 11 - 21

This is the end post of my NEXUS Diaries.
I had a great time with my work experience there, and I learnt alot of great stuff.
Thanks very much to Mark Davies, Nat B and Jim Le Fevre, as well as everyone else there for being so nice.
Week 1 : This was my first experience of a productions studio, and winin an hour of arriving on my first day I was set to animating some ducks! I've been told I've now set the record for the shortest time for somebody on work experience to start there and have work approved to actually be in the final product, which was 2 days (Which also included learning the software). Then I spent the rest of the week practicing my animation skills on a selection of bouncing balls. It may be the basics but practiced and perfected basics make all the difference.
Week 2 : In week two I worked on animating a ready made, fully rigged character from one of Nexus' current projects to practice my walk cycles and make sure I learn the process with perfectly clean and smooth graphs. I cannot upload the early stages of this practice as the character still looks like himself, which is against client privacy, but the later clip below is his skeleton so I'm allowed to include this one.

Week 3 & 4 : At the beginning week three there was a new project to pitch for and I was asked if I'd like to help do a bit of animation for it. All I can say is I worked on a bear. I spent two weeks animating this bear to an audio clip I liked on 11 second club. There were many edits to this animation to make him less exagerrated and more subtle and emotional... like an actor learning to be a better actor. The rig was very limited as the original intention wasn't to animate with him, but I worked around that. I again cannot include any videos or imagery of this animation due to the privacy of the character.
Overall I learnt LOADS and had a wonderful time with wonderful people.
Thanks NEXUS!

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  1. :D Fab - so thrilled you had such a productive experience, Nat - and I look forward to seeing all that you've learned there being put into practice in year 3!