Wednesday, 24 July 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013 Anaheim, CA : Diaries : Day 08

Day 08, Wednesday

Figure 01. I was snapped on camera at work! We are in the process of making attendee's their 3D Lenticular Cards.

Figure 02. This really threw me off... I did't know people could Skype somebody into one of these machines so they can drive themselves around the conference... An even talk to each other on the machines, this is a picture of 3 people in 3 locations talking. It was a really great and funny thing to see.

Figure 03. Lunch break to visit the SV Chapter's Luncheon. And... I bumped into my new friends on my way back to shift.

Figure 04. Job Fair
Talking to the recruiters at Double Negative - Cool

Figure 05. The gates of Monsters University - Pixar Stand

Figure 06. The Z-Brush stand (Sorry Stitch - Didn't get a chance to get the photo we discussed ;)   )

After a day at work - it was time for play

Figure 07. Ummmm... I think the plan was to just work our way down the list

Figure 08. House of Blues Ribs.... These are some of the best Ribs I've ever eaten... Glad my appetite had decided to return on this day!

Figure 09. Blue one.... tasted yummy

Figure 10. Pudding

Figure 11. Walking around the Disney Gallery Shop after dinner I spotted this guy working away in the corner... He was working on a 'Wreck it Ralph'

Figure 12. I liked the lighting on the walk back

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  1. House of Blues. What a great night to add to all the other great nights. :)