Monday, 3 June 2013

Nexus Diaries : Day 01

So today was my BIG FIRST DAY at NEXUS!


The day started off by catching the train, and the trip from the tube station to Nexus headquarters involved me looking like the biggest tourist ever - google maps walking sat-nav, watching to see if the blue dot representing me was going in the right direction. I still arrived early.

I had a grand tour of the building and met everyone inside thanks to the lovely Nat B.

Followed by an induction into the Nexus system and how to access the projects I need to.

Then THE Cool as a Cucumber Mark Davies gave me a quick tour of the 3ds Max program with the very clever systems Nexus have for themselves for a brilliant pipeline.

Then TO ANIMATING! I spent my day animating a few cute little ducks. I can't say who they are for, but I had fun getting in the 'Duck Zone' as it was referred to.

Overall, day 1 was fabulous, the people are lovely, the building is great - creaky floorboards and homely, and I'm looking forward to getting there bright and early for day 2!


  1. Glad you had a great first day! Good luck with the rest and enjoy :)