Sunday, 26 May 2013

Summer Time! : Monaco, Monte Carlo, Cannes

There's quite an amazing summer this year, lots of things to do and see, so I'll start my visual diary with the first step, my trip to the south of France. 

After such an intense and brilliant second year at uni, this was a welcome chill-out, art packed treat....

Figure 01.
The flight there had lovely views.

Figure 02.
Monaco Harbour.

Figure 03.
Morning walk down to Monaco Harbour, had a nice sketch session.

Figure 04.
Morning walk down to Cap-d'Ail Harbour to try out some water colour painting.

Figure 05.
Stunning views along the coastal path, this is one of my favourite spots.

Figure 06.
Derelict building... what a waste.

Figure 07.
Driving along the F1 Grand Prix track.

Figure 08.
On way to Le Camargue.

Figure 09.
Learnt something new - didn't know there was bull fighting in France.

Figure 10.
'Wild' Horses at Le Camargue

Figure 11.
Young Vine-yard.

Figure 12.
Antiques market in Cannes. I'm not a collector of antique things, but I do enjoy seeing all sorts of odd things.

Figure 13.
Outside the Cannes Film Festival - lucky coincidence it happened to be on while I was in the area.

Figure 14.
I was surprised how many people would hang around outside every entrance of the festival with signs asking for an invite to get in.

Figure 15.
My favourite photo from Cannes, something about the sculpture of an old film camera wrapped in film really connected with me.

Figure 16.
Passing the red carpet and this little dog was hilarious, seemed really happy to be wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Figure 17.
Funky furniture, possibly coming to the Irish bar in Monaco, the owner really likes them.

Figure 18.
This sculpture really gave me the giggles.

Figure 19.
I absolutely loved all the massive paintings on the side of buildings, it felt like being immersed in art... what could be better :P

Figure 20. 
Majestic tree with the moon behind.

Figure 21.
Worked on a landscape painting.

Figure 22.
I enjoyed painting this, I'm not happy with it yet though so I'll work on it again on my next visit.

Figure 23.
Spectacular views on my way back to the UK, and some really interesting conversations with the lovely lady sat in the seat next to me, Sandra Hebron, click on her name to find out a bit about her.


  1. I kept scrolling but no sandwich. What's going on ?!?

    1. I sent that to you via email, don't fret Tomathy Beggles! :)

  2. Hey Nat,

    Just goes to show you that it pays to be chatty on a plane! Looks like you had a lovely time - and a characteristically productive one too! :)

    1. Yeah I've met many interesting people on planes, on my flight back last year I met an architect that was looking into getting into animation, and we had spoken about some funny nudist documentary his friend was making in Hollywood.
      And it was great to get back to some messy paints... although I just showed myself how rusty I'd become :)