Friday, 24 August 2012

BFI Future Film: DIY Thriller Filmmaking Fortnight Day 5 of 10

Today was a day of technical difficulties and keeping momentum.
By this time, most of us have hardly had any sleep. Although this is something we all feel, everyone was determined to keep the smiles and productivity of the day. It was also one of those - computer difficulties days. Thinking I could sit in the mac suite to continue storyboarding - don't be silly, today it's a morgue. So with my tutor, we grabbed some equipment and moved to another learning room. After setting up, that became another shooting room due to they're cancellations. So to the Bar where there's a plug socket, after almost falling off the stool and getting funny looks from the bar staff, I decided this wasn't the best place. Packed up for lunch and had a nice relaxing lunch break with fellow CGAA Lyn-Dae who kindly brought me a 'Pink-Berry' frozen yogurt to try (If I got it wrong leave a comment and I can change it :)  )

Ok, the next Mac move was to the Blue Room where we are shooting the majority of the film. Shuffling around the room to a plug socket that wasn't blocked by the skirting board I settled down to 'Do my Thing' - only to find there was a strage glitch with the Photoshop software. Anyway, not to worry - that's just how things go.

Now to some photographs.

Figure 01.

Figure 02. Furniture choreography contemplation.

Figure 03. Testing the ceiling lights, to see what other lights need setting up.

Figure 04. Script reading session.

Figure 05. Going through the script for shots in the storyboard.

Figure 06. Who installs the Ultimatum Red and Green buttons in a film institute??

It had to be done.....

Figure 07. Nuru Pressed RED

As he pressed the red button an alarm outside the door went off - this was a funny moment, I was ready to say I'd accidentally leant on it. We were actually hoping it was the light switches to turn the overhead lights off so we could get some Camera test shots. I went to investigate the alarm. How coincidental that the moment he pressed the button somebody was walking out of the BFI shop with a tag still attached to an item and set the security alarm off. A very funny moment, and the buttons didn't seem to do anything anyway.

We now have a finalised script, and I'm just finishing up the storyboard.
I'm not sure I should post them up yet though. I don't want to give away our story for the film.
What do you think?

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  1. Nope you got it :D
    *Thanks for link too :3*
    It was a lovely lunch break :)

    I'm not so sure if you should post up the storyboard just yet, I think after the official film is published then it can be shown... like with extras on DVD. (well thats my opinion out of the way)

    Also will you be posting your finished product here?