Monday, 20 August 2012

BFI Future Film: DIY Thriller Filmmaking Fortnight Day 2 of 10

Wow, Today was crammed full of information and fun. 

To begin the day, we had a lesson in the value of sound editing. Thanks to Marc Price voicing (in person) some sound effects to a silent fighting clip, followed by the same clip with the terrible sound quality from the camera, then with whooping and meat hitting sound effects which made it transform.

Figure. 01

Next we were shown the types of camera support gear that will be available to us, here is a picture of one of the shoulder supports which help give the camera a larger area resulting in less shake.

Figure 02.

One particular piece of equipment got everybody excited, was the camera Jib Crane.
This was because the tutors had made it for only £40 using an online tutorial, and it worked great!

Figure 03.

Figure 04.

Also the basics of lighting, the different types of light and how to manipulate the softness and colour according to what you need.

Figure 05.

With all this information, we were then treated to a special guest tutor.

Figure 06. Rob - Right

Rob is a young, award winning Director and Cinematographer, and he will be around for this week to help us out with our films.
He showed some of his work and sat with us for a question and answer session.
Very inspiring.

Figure 07.

In 2011 he won the under 21's category for the competition to make a short film in 48hours.
As a tribute to these 48 hours our tutors split us all into groups, handed each group and small, cheap, portable video recorder and told us we have 48minutes to make a short film.

We had no time for editing so what we filmed had to be what we showed on the big screen.
Here is how our's turned out - have a laugh

After our films, we re-split into our final groups, which will be the groups for the remainder of the course, to make our short films in. Followed by a brainstorming session of more ideas to write and storyboard tomorrow.

Also - we have been granted access to film in a warehouse near tower bridge for our friday session of shooting, as well as thursdays session of footage in and around the BFI / Southbank area.

Figure 08.

Roll on Tomorrow!


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    1. I'm certainly excited to get in there every day :D

  2. Haha - I know where those toilets are. I haven't been in them though!... :-)

    1. A woman did come in and use the toilets while we were filming, pretty funny. I've found five sets of toilets in that building so far.... Can't say they lack facilities :)