Saturday, 25 August 2012

BFI Future Film: DIY Thriller Filmmaking Fortnight Day 6 of 10

Oh no, day six means it's in the ending part of the course.
Today was the main shooting day, VERY EXCITING!

I can post a few low res snaps from my phone, but the high quality ones I took will be on the extras to the DVD :)

Also- my storyboard went down a treat and was very useful - as it should be.

Figure 01. Setting up the opening shot.

Figure 02. This is blurred as it's a photo of the camera screen I took some high quality shots on, the real one isn't blurred but I though this still looked nice.

Figure 03. Of a take

Figure 04. Rehearsal for a take.

Now, I shall Edit the footage we have and mark down exactly the other shots to get tuesday :)
Great Fun

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