Sunday, 18 November 2012

Narrative : Tutorial Notes : 15th Nov 2012

Tutorial Notes

・ Modify the Character Model to balance the centre of gravity
・ Character Blink - a) Embed, so it cups over the eye
b) use a texture - Ramp
- Blinks : more top lid than bottom
- Moving the eyes - just parent the lids to them
- Move the eyes around the surface, independent eyebrows
・ To move the eyes on the surface : Geometry constraint
select the eye, then mesh, constrains the eye to the mesh and can move it around
Parent the eyebrow under the sphere so wherever the eyes go the row follows
・ Can squash the eyes using a lattice (perhaps a slight squashing of the eye when he is 'not happy'
・ I-dent Ink Ideas - Video Co-Pilot tutorials
- After effects, black and white version of liquid adjusting the contrast
・ Model - reconnect the pieces of the model, cut away what's not needed ready for skinning
・ Apply shaders to selected faces on one model if different sections are different colours
・ Apply woollen/knit and other textures to the model and set
・ Rim Shaders - tutorials from the 1st year :
X- ray
Blood Vessels
- adds to lighting effects on the models
・ Tom to act for animation reference - Video the acts

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