Sunday, 25 November 2012

Narrative : Old 8mm + Narration Visual Test

Here's a sample of;

Some Narration, 2 render passes, 8mm Old Film Multiply Layer & some Vinyl Crackles and Scratches.

In Adobe Premier Pro, I selected the voice clips and added High-pass: 287.74,  and Lowpass: 3154.56 - This gives the aged technology sound
The Vinyl Crackles and Scratches I put on loop and reduced the volume to -16
The background image is a normal pass + Ambient Occlusion pass with Max Distance of 200
The 8mm film layer was added in Adobe After Effects as a multiply layer above the rendered image, I applied Time-Reverse to the layer, expanded it so the black frame was less prominent and dropped the opacity to 50%

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