Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Character : Lesson 06

This week we focused on creating interesting silhouettes, then working into one from there.
I felt like creating creepy for this task.... It was great fun!

Figure 01. Psycho Clown

Figure 02. Creepy Town - Silhouette

Figure 03. Creepy Town - Curves & Shapes

Figure 04. Creepy Town - Pencil Detail


  1. *blush*

    Really like these Nat - and the first silhouette just makes me want to laugh somehow - i fear it might be somekind of psychotic clown!

  2. Nat, I know I am not following you on your Blog (I dont seem to be able to for some reason) but I am checking it regularly. Have you posted anything on character design elsewhere, because I have seen anything since this in November.

    1. Hi Justin,
      No I haven't posted any since then but I have got work which will be up today