Friday, 11 November 2011

Space: Photoshop: Week 3

Figure 01

I tried to get the basics of this perspective from a photo, Phil suggested I scrap this and try to let go, do blocky and fluid like this: 

Figure 02

This is his example
So I had a go

Figure 03

I don't like it as it is too similar to last year's project, so I will try some more sketches

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  1. Hey Nat, not sure which Phil said 'scrap it', but I think there's a difference between 'understanding' perspective through various technical exercises and methods, and then applying that understanding in a more painterly way - I think you need to do both, but I just want you to take a more relaxed, less obsessive 'can't see the wood for the trees' approach to making work, because I think your perfectionism is actually cramping your overall style... I happen to love that greyscale image, because it's so suggestive as opposed to dogmatic. Have fun with this, Nat - let something unexpected and intuitive happen.