Sunday, 6 November 2011

Space: Concept 02: Ref: Experiment 01

I was looking through a book called 'Painting Landscapes from your imagination' and saw a section on making mountains out of crumpled up paper, so I tried it and added a red light source from a tall lamp with a red plastic plate taped to it and drew all the curtains but with a little ambient light around to give a colder colour on other angles. I loved the angle of this one:

Here are the rest of the pictures:

Mountainous Red Light Experiment 01


  1. Hey Nat - agreed - anything that inspires, right? :D

    You missed 'Legend' today - be sure to 'download' it - ahem...

  2. Hey Phil, I meant to come in today but I was so into drawing I didn't realise what the time was.

    Anyway, no need about Leg-End, I borrowed it from the library two weeks ago, all the films are watched and notes taken, I just haven't got around to finishing them off yet