Friday, 14 October 2011

Anatomy: Thumbnails

Here are some sketches toward a final idea, I kept getting stuck for inspiration so Leo and J.J. helped critique at each step :)

Figure 01

Figure 02

Figure 03

Figure 04

So as my notes in the image say, with this image I need to stretch it out, make it more elegant, a powerful reach, and this is just so I know what my metamorphosis will look like, then I can draw it from the desired camera angle which i'm thinking positioned at the end of the above hand looking down toward the character. To make this noticeable that it's me, the facial features would e recognisable as my own. A suggestion that Leo said was to see the view down the arm toward the face, this made me think like a slide, so the viewer starts at my hand and the vision slides toward my face then explores the rest of the image. 

Figure 05

Figure 06

My favourite so far is the small thumbnail in Figure 6 with the smiley face pointing towards it.


  1. Hey Nat, I think the pose is coming along nicely, but be sure to start framing the pose in some small composition thumbnails in order to get a sense if it will work as a full figure portrait piece. I imagine the pose will naturally adapt to fit with the composition, especially if you're aiming for a shot along and down the arm.

  2. :D I love this position. You get the benefit of all the complex detailling of your hybrid. The idea of leading the eye to slide down the arm sounds really dramatic. Really pull the viewer into image plus you can show off some detailed textures of the hybrid skin on the close up hand. Where are you looking at setting it?