Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Anatomy: OGR Summary Post


  1. hey Nat - it's late - there's about 8 left, including yours - tomorrow, after I'm done with Postmodernism. Next time, I start at the other end of the blog list...

  2. Ok no worries Phil. Typical- now I'm not looking for an earwig to photograph i've been seeing them everywhere!

  3. OGR 05/10/11

    Hey Nat :D

    Apologies again for the delay - but your year group is large, but it's nice destination for my final visit. In many ways, much of what I would have written here, I've written previously - in regard to the alternate approaches to your splice. There is little doubting your abilities in Photoshop, and the body-horror approach is total legitimate, but also, in one way, it's rather conventional, in so much as it plays into 'conventional' ideas about the 'nastiness' of insects and the imagined revulsion at finding yourself spliced with one; but, as suggested earlier, in all honesty, there is something sooooo decorative about the ear-wig - as if constructed from amber and topaz and garnet and polished to a high-sheen, that I'm wondering if the 'real' or greater challenge of this unit - for you, whose technical skills are good - might be to rehabilitate the earwig from body-horror pin-up to art nouveau darling. I've just looked at your 'transparent' studies in a newer post, and I find them more exciting than the flayed aesthetic and eruptive imagery of your earlier studies. Also, we might have a lot of 'body-horror' in the room come crit day, and you might want to go for something more surprising? It would be good to see more thumbnails dealing with your whole body - with some really transformative effects and speculative approaches.

    Re. your assignment, yes - basing your analysis around the films while you grow in confidence is indeed sensible, but be sure that you approach the assignment with a good sense of context - so, yes, discuss Splice, but that metamorphic-horror is on a continuum that begins with those much older stories about mortals challenging the Gods - and being punished. I will be looking for this 'contextual scaffold' supporting your analysis. I hope you've been hitting the 'Rough Guide' to written assignments - especially the 'Style Guide', the 1st to 3rd conversion chart, and the model essays. Get an actual introduction - set out the right way (see criteria on brief) on here '@Phil' asap - so you can progress with confidence.

    Keep those film reviews coming - remember, writing encourages more writing, and this is a skillset I want you to relax about this time around - just keep your hand in and putting one sentence after another...

  4. Ok, thanks for the feedback Phil, I'm on the case :)