Monday, 3 October 2011

Anatomy: Supporting Artwork

Fig. 01.
I gathered some images for my influence map, these are the key inspirations for a tester piece I wanted to try out.

Fig. 02.
From the influence map I sketched out an Idea.

Fig. 03.
I then scanned the sketch and played around with it in photoshop, keeping it quite blocky just to see how it could go.


  1. Hey Nat,

    Third year Leo here – looks like I will be your mentor for your first year! I’ll do my best to keep an eye on here and help out when I can, otherwise just make a @Leo post or leave a comment at my blog if you really need some help/advice -

    Eww the common earwig – great to see your not afraid to really embrace the metamorphosis so far. I think that’s really the essence of the first project, to get out your inhibitions and settle in the weird and wonderful world that is cg. And it looks like you’ve got your hands truly stuck in the project with sketches, research and film reviews – so keep it up!


  2. Hey Nat - look at that, Leo as your mentor ;) No bloody slacking then! haha. I know you're keen on the body horror route, but there is something very 'high polish' and rather beautiful about the earwig in the various images you've gathered in; they remind me of polished semi-precious stones, and there is something jewellery like about their precision etc. I just wonder if something more sculptural and regal might be worth pursuing? There is just something undeniably 'silver, gold and jewellery' about these 'common' blighters... I know you've been working with the other Phil re. high gloss surfaces, but it's the extraordinary translucency too that entices too...

  3. hahaha ok thanks Phil. Also, nice to meet you this evening Leo, nice to know you're my mentor :)