Thursday, 16 December 2010

Environment: Thumbnails: Progression: Photo & Paint Mock-up

A Mix of Photographs and Painting in Photoshop to get a feel for this idea. 


  1. Hey Nat.

    Good to see some movement at last - and this image has strengths, However, it also feels a little over-egged; for instance, the bars on the window being all twisted and the windows being broken, and the wheelchair being turned over and everything being so grimy and all the beds and, and, and... Less is often more in this unit and giving objects room to breathe. For instance, the abandoned wheelchair would work just as well if it was allowed to just 'sit' there alone in the room. I think too that you might want to consider opening out the view a little more - getting further away and allowing the aloneness and silence to be communicated more. The twisted bars suggest a melodramatic element, and I wonder if you need that information; if you look at Hellingly Asylum, it's the silence and the stillness and sadness that impresses.

  2. What tends to get me with the abandoned images are objects that must have been in use as what ever it was that caused the place to become abandoned went down. Plates on tables in a food hall for example.

    Pretty sure there's a town that was affected by a nucleur fall out and was abandoned. But if you go there, it's exactly as it was when people fled, very creepy. (People have started to venture into this town and steal that stuff now, but there must be images online)