Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Environment: Thumbnails: 61 - 75

Alternative Idea

I don't like the bathroom idea any longer, it doesn't have the feeling I'm looking for. I haven't neglected it though, I would just like an opinion of the workings of this idea please?


  1. Where's this post you said you were putting up? Is this the one you were referring too? Or is there one coming in the future?

  2. I think that using circuses/fairgrounds/clowns etc. to accomplish the opposite effect can be potent; this thumbnail is too symmetrical to be tense, and the clown dominates, so I'd play around with the composition more. You need to be careful too of tipping over into 'horror' - have some thumbnail fun and see what bubbles up...

    That said, I think the previous scene had potential.