Friday, 10 December 2010

Environment: Thumbnails: 1 - 15

I drew these in blue, but tried them also in Black & White and Inverted to see what effect they would have on the images.


  1. Hey Nat - it's nice to have you back - I know you're digging into your workload, and I hope it's feeling manageable - do keep in touch, okay - no 'Scott of the Antarctic' stoicism - keep me informed. 0h yeah - these thumbnails are visually satisfying, but thumbnails needn't be quite so snazzy - let them 'be' working drawings too... spend your energies wisely, okay?

  2. Are they along the right lines though? Have I pictured the right sort of thing for the project?

  3. Hi Nat, here is Ruben from the second year!

    As Phil mentioned these thumbnails are really satisfying in visual terms , to answer your question if your going the right way.. ok in my opinion some of these thumbnails have potential others maybe belong to other genre, so for instance, the 2 and the 3rd and the 12 may fit in the uncanny feeling, however the the 8 is too much of horror and even gore. I dont know if you read the essay by sigmund freud, but the idea is to create a familiar environment, which at the same time is ambiguous and creepy.

    Also I dont know your modelling experience but maybe staying away from the human form is the best choice, for instance: hands and even dolls are difficult to model and even pose. Therefore the emphasis of this post is on the environment. so for example as seen on the second thumbnail, a simple yet effective idea is to not only play with composition but also lighting.

    hope it helps for inspiration !