Saturday, 22 March 2014

Mother's Days : Hand Crafted Props : Bench

After my first attempt at making the bench prop using laser cut per-specs and glued on plastic sheeting went terribly wrong, a Dutch Carpenter friend offered to whip a bench together for me out of wood. I accepted this offer and after 2.5 hours in his shed, this beauty was formed. Credit goes out to Danny on this for matching my design wonderfully. 

Image 01. Bench - Before

Image 02. Bench - Before

Image 03. Bench - Before

Credit to the painting skills of a battered, seaside, council cared for cold blue bench go to Mark. He was busy learning how to paint on this while I was hastily finishing up the puppets on this tight schedule.

Image 04. Bench - After

Image 05. Bench - After

Image 06. Bench - After

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