Monday, 17 March 2014

Mother's Days : Animation Test : Son's Eyelids

For these puppets I've made the eyelids as sequence pieces which in turn get stuck onto the eyeballs using petroleum jelly

This means if the character goes to blink then I will replace the eyelid pieces with the next in line for each frame to create the illusion that the character is blinking their eyelids

Figure 01 : Eyelids in sequence

This is how the shot turned out, as this is just to test how the eyelids work, the lighting is just standard room lighting, this isn't how the filming studio is set up.

After seeing the amount of flicker in the clip I used a plugin in after effects to help De-flicker the shot, this graph show the differences. The yellow line is displaying the luminance in each frame, so you can see how jumpy the lights are here in my house, and the green line is showing how the plug-in is trying to choose a smoother, linear path to reduce the amount of flicker within the clip.

This is how the clip looks after the de-flicker effect has been used.


  1. I want to give Cedric a home when you're done with him BUT not sure I want mother aswell, lol