Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mother's Days : Chromakey Tests 3, 4 & 5

Chromakey : Test 03

In my previous tests I used green underneath the character. For these tests I wanted to go back to my original plan of putting a floor underneath the character and the green screen as a background rather than a full surround. 

Clip 01.

Test 03 didn't turn out so great because there was really bad, distracting flickering all the way through. I thought this was because I had used some small florescent tubes that were previously from my home-made light box, so I removed these from the equation and continued to test 04.

Chromakey : Test 04

Clip 02.

Clip 03. 

After removing the florescent tubes I thought the flicker issue would be resolved. However, it was still flickering. I wasn't sure what it could be so I tested each light individually and they were all still flickering in the live view on Dragonframe. I went back to the internet in search of answers. I came across one suggestion of using a low ISO. My two previous attempts had been with high ISO numbers so I gave it a go.

Chromakey : Test 05

Clip 04. 

Clip 05. 

Test 05 was by far more successful than the previous two. There is still some flicker in the footage but I have come to the conclusion that the lower ISO solved the main problem, and it is the result of my location and the dips in the electricity that have always caused lights in my house to get brighter and dimmer depending on what the electricity decides to do. This is something I can't fix so it will probably have to become part of the style of the 'hand-crafted-ness' of my animation. The next issue will be making the CG Background comply with slight flickers so they blend rather than clash.

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  1. fascinating post, Nat, great to see you closing in your ideal set-up. Good stuff! :)