Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Mother's Days : Chromakey : Test 02

These are a couple of clips that show tests with chromakey using stop motion animation. 
Both failed miserably which is good, because I know some of the limitations of green screen and the amount of care with lighting that is needed to fix these issues. 

Clip 01. Test 01

In clip 01 I only had certain lighting availability, these were; 1 florescent tube, a row of down-lighters above in the ceiling, and an energy saving lamp. I also used a piece of cardboard covered in some frog-tape (green masking tape) as a wedge to place under Cartman's foot as he is a chunk of foam and wanted to make it look like he was walking. I wanted to test if this tape was any good as green screen tape. As is evident in some sections of the footage the tape is slightly too reflective and was difficult to remove in the chromakey process as it would show as yellow from the lights and not remove. Another problem here is the shadowing caused from the positioning of the lights. The shadows below are too dark and would not remove in the after processes, also where the light was not very vibrant the levels of black and white balance in 'Keylight' had to be at such a high number that they started to dissolve part of Cartman's figure.

Clip 02. Test 02

Test 02 was a variation on test 01 with a slightly different lighting rig, this meant removing the light source from above to deplete the harsh shadows below Cartman, plus a wider cardboard wedge to try and hide the problem in clip 01 where the shadows would have a rectangle chunk missing from the shadow, the idea behind the wider wedge was to try and remove the shadow underneath completely. There was also some light facing the green screen to try and give a more even coverage of green. As shown in the clip though, the problem is now the shadow that has been cast by the wedge itself.

I didn't continue to blend these characters into the background in post, as valuable time would have been wasted, it was evident that the problem was residing in the earlier stages so they are the areas that need fixing.

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  1. Interesting tests...watch out for the ground shadows though.


    Please read the following post.