Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Mother's Days : Son Character Development : Clothing


  1. Hi Nat, I like the 'fashion' details of the trainers and the 'wolf' coat - I know this sort of bloke. I'm just wondering if you could tell us more about him via his t-shirt via the addition of a logo; not suggesting it should be a football shirt, but it would seem to fit. I've always thought there's something a bit forlorn about football shirts on men of a certain age. Is it your intention to keep him in the same outfit for the duration regardless of the weather? I can see this being a nice joke; he's not the sort to get his legs out! His hair doesn't seem to be enough of a feature here however - shouldn't it be more, well, awful? Or is this the stage at the end of the animation?

  2. I agree with Phil that your characters needs another pass focusing on details, hair etc. However, it's going to be interesting seeing this character built out of plasticine - The level of design and detail is going to change again with that transition. So the trainers for example will become a more simplified version of themselves and so on. It might be an idea to design your character with that in mind....what can you get simply and efficiently out of simple forms and colours. What gives you the most readability on a simple level.

  3. Question: Is it plasticine or casting and latex / rubber you're aiming for?

    1. Silicon with actual miniature clothes. T-shirt wise I'm thinking one could be a massive bad-taste Michael Jackson face, the hair I will be doing test of to see which would work nicely. Have you seen 'Oh Willy'?

  4. Oh I definitely see him as a 'socks & sandals' man during his summer outing, with trousers a tad shorter (argued with his ankle type) but definitely no shorts. Pity I didnt look out of my office window more during the summer. The Barbican is full of these men at the height of the season.
    Mum x

  5. Ok, interesting. Yes I know 'Oh Willy'.