Sunday, 13 October 2013

Final Year Project : Script Draft 09.

I like option 02, it kind of gives hope that things might start looking up, a little bit of luck


  1. Looking good but possibly needs a couple of minor gag tweaks...

    E.g Possibly,

    Bathroom sequence - Son standing still outside the toilet (hut?) holding mothers coat / handbag (piled up) as his hair blows in the strong wind. We hear his mother peeing (possibly whistling - gag: the only time we hear her speak). The sons eyes raise and drop (he's been here before - the shame).

    Bubblegum end sequence - Have the bench move as he walks away due to the sticky bubblegum (gag - his mother still won't leave him alone).

  2. * Still won't leave him alone in a nice way....

  3. Watch these by Adam Elliot if you haven't already.

  4. Hi Nat,

    I don't know, but I'm sort of wondering if maybe the mum's teeth might make a reappearance in the final post-credits coda - appearing on something else unexpectantly? Probably too much! Not sure now about the bird poo - it seems a bit unfair somehow doesn't it? And it's not really about the mother anymore. It seems to me if you were to have a post-credit coda it should be about an aspect of the mother - still 'haunting' him somehow - which is why finding her teeth on something again feels funnier, if less credible!

  5. Agreed - Bubblegum gag or teeth gag = a lingering connection with his mother after she has passed.

  6. Hi Nat,

    Could you complete a personal declaration form (available in the CGAA office) and give it to Campus Registry + your passport, so they can make a copy asap? I'm just chasing down a few student blanks before the trip can be signed off. If you've already done this, it might be that you're showing as a blank because the form you did fill out was somehow incomplete - if so, could you pop into Campus Registry and see what they're missing from you? Cheers!

  7. Hi Nat, Looking good so far obviously plenty still to do and I am sure you will impress everyone with your choice of how it turns out in the end, noted Tutorphil's comment he may have something there.
    From Cote d Azure