Monday, 9 August 2010

Uni Summer Project - 101

To everybody who is not part of the uni (e.g. friends/family checking out my work) this is the project brief for the work above. I will put up these briefs for each new project I get along the course to keep you in the loop. Nat x


  1. Hey Nat,

    Welcome to the CGAA bloggosphere! Looks like you're having a memorable summer break...

    There's a couple of posts you'll want to take a look at already regarding the summer project stuff; visit the following for enlightenment!

  2. Hey Nat - how odd, I'm pretty sure I left a 'hi there & hello' comment here very late last night... anyway, welcome to CGAA and the blogging community. Looks like you've been having adventures.

    Okay, so, some of your fellow first-years-to-be have evidenced some confusion regarding the relationship between the 2 sheets of objects and the content of the summer project brief; I suggest you visit the following posts for clarity and inspiration!

    (browse the comments)

    If you have any queries etc. you can either make a post here, or on the CGAA Group blog and I, and others, will soon come to your assistance.

    I look forward to seeing those 101 sketches percolate onto your blog. I'm watching this space! :-)

  3. Hi Nat, my name's Charlotte (though some people on the course call me Lev...dont ask XD) and i'll be a second year once uni starts again. Welcome to the CG world :D. Look forward to seeing some sketches for the summer project put up and if oyu have questions, like Phil said, just ask ^^