Thursday, 7 May 2015

Political Satire Cartoons - Uni Satire Competition 3rd Prize

This year I decided to get involved with a bit of Cartooning for the Political Season.

The University for the Creative Arts held a Satire Competition, my entry won 3rd Prize

"An excellent mash-up of a real quote from the rising star of British politics, Nicola Sturgeon (not sure she’d thank me for that particular accolade), and a very well executed and clever depiction of Farage and Reckless as Simpson characters. Great idea, beautifully drawn, and a very funny end result." 

Steve Bright, The Sun

Also - UKIP Candidate for Rochester & Strood, Mark Reckless, (The Smithers character on the right) Opted to use part of my drawing as his Twitter Profile Picture throughout the 2015 Election

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