Friday, 28 February 2014

Mother's Days : Mother Sculpt

I will post up the more detailed PDF documents later on in the project, but, for now, here are some images of the mother character in clay form.

Figure 01. Final Head Sculpt

Figure 02. Gremlin Head (Mother Bald)

Figure 03. Gremlin Head (Mother Bald)

Figure 04. Final Head Sculpt

Figure 05. Final Head Sculpt

Figure 06. Final Head Sculpt

Figure 07. Final Head Sculpt

Figure 08. Final Head Sculpt with hand

Figure 09. Final Hands Sculpt

Figure 10. Final Hands Sculpt

Figure 11. Final Hands Sculpt

Figure 12. Leg with Slipper Sculpt

1 comment:

  1. Did you model the hands on Martin, when he was a baby??? I dread to think who 'mother' is modelled on cos no one here has hair like that, lol xx