Monday, 4 June 2012

Custom Drinking Glasses

Today I decided to teach myself how to engrave glass.
I hadn't tried it before, but I think it turned out pretty well :)

First I tried some text

Then I tried something more elaborate....


  1. wow! How cool! How do you stop the glass from shattering??

    1. Thanks :) I used a Dremel drill, which is great for doing small jobs, and I used a few small different shaped grinder tools in it. To avoid smashing, it's a case of keeping the glass on a soft surface to absorb any shocks (an old t-shirt), and to avoid the tool from smashing it, press pretty gently and repeat for longer periods of time where you want it to look more 3D so it grinds more glass away. Got to be gentle and it shouldn't shatter :)

    2. awesome :) thanks... moving into my new house soon... custom glasses could look super cool! :)