Monday, 5 December 2011

aNATomy studies

After visiting the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition in London, I have a new determination to draw every day. So I plan to do at least one aNATomical study per day. Today I tried using fine liner with cross hatching to show tone in this human skull, I've not used fine liner to draw anything detailed before. 
Can only get better with lots of practice :)

All these will go under the 'Sketchbook' tab


  1. Im always impressed with your work and it is clear that you have spent some time doing this. It would be intresting to see what you could come up with if you gave your self a serten time limit, (as I know you hate rushing) what the out come would be. :)But yeh some really really good stuff :)

  2. :D Are you watching the Unit 3 films, Nat? They're all different (apart from last 2) and they're all highly-regarded, properly fascinating examples of directors and writers trying to accomplish different things... it would be a shame not to use that home-grown cinema of yours, now wouldn't it? :)