Thursday, 25 August 2011

Insect Photography- Ref Shapes & Textures: Bee

I love watching Bees do this. If theres a bee not moving very much then it's likely out of energy. I learnt on QI once that if you put a blob of honey in front of them they eat some and it gives them enough energy to fly home. I've tried it a few times and funny enough it does exactly that. Watching their little tongues lick it up fascinates me. Here are some pictures of it.
Fig. 01
Fig. 02
This one shows their head, I think it looks like they have one of those black dome cctv cameras on their head, that idea could be taken further.
Fig. 03
Fig. 04
Fig. 05
Fig. 06
Fig. 07
Fig. 08
Fig. 09


  1. Whoah! That is one good camera you got there! The insects look so big. :O Pretty ^^

  2. The detail is very impressive (Its also the first time I actually get to see the honey and bee thing in action :3)

    I can see how this would be useful for you later on, can't wait to see more :D